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The Must-Have Dental Practice Management Software Tools for 2024

March 19, 2023

The Must-Have Dental Practice Management Software Tools for 2024

Today’s patients expect their dental care provider to offer a smooth and efficient experience. And to help make sure that dental professionals can keep up with the latest trends in patient care and practice management, the right software is essential.

Gone are the days when pencil-and-paper record-keeping was enough to meet the demands of patient care. Now, dental practices must invest in high-quality software tools that can help streamline and automate every aspect of their operations. 

From patient consultations to post-treatment follow-ups, the right software can make it easier for dental professionals to stay productive and organized.

In this guide, we’ll cover the must-have list of dental practice management software tools that you should consider for your practice in 2024. Whether you’re just starting in dental software or looking to upgrade your existing system, our list of essential tools will help you get the most out of your workflow.

What To Look For In A Quality Dental Practice Management Software Tool

Before we look at our list of top-rated dental software, let’s take a quick look at the most critical features to consider when selecting an effective solution.

When you are looking at the available tools on the market, make sure that your choice includes features such as:

  • Appointment management and reminders
  • Patient record management
  • Automated billing and payments
  • Secure medical record storage
  • Treatment processing and management
  • Inventory management and ordering tools
  • Patient engagement features
  • Analytics and reporting tools
  • Marketing and social media integration
  • Reputation management features

As you can see, a good dental practice management software tool should provide more than just basic appointment tracking. Make sure to look for tools that can also help streamline your patient records, billing, and inventory processes while offering analytics to track results and improve their efficiency over time.

The Must-Have List of Dental Practice Management Software Tools in 2024

1. Practice By Numbers: A Full-Focus Dental Software For Management

Practice By Numbers is a comprehensive suite of technologies and software that are designed to make managing a dental practice much smoother and more efficient. 

With over 600 KPIs to choose from and the ability to customize each, Practice By Numbers provides action-oriented dashboards that allow owners to easily compare current numbers with past performance over any time range.

The primary features of Practice By Numbers include reminders and confirmations, call tracking, marketing ROI, and reviews which can help your practice acquire new patients while keeping accountability and profitability high. It also delivers exceptional patient communications to ensure that you always provide a positive patient experience.

Practice By Numbers focuses on helping dental practice owners streamline their operations so that they can focus on providing better patient care. With Practice By Numbers, you can keep track of office performance, recruit and retain more patients, and make smarter decisions to increase the profitability of your practice.


  • Reminders & Confirmations

  • PhoneIQ Follow-ups

  • Call Tracking

  • Marketing ROI

  • Reviews

  • Goal Management

  • Custom Dashboards

  • 600+ Customized KPIs

  • Actionable Dashboards

Pricing: $300/month for analytics system, $300/month for CRM system, custom quotes available.

2. Dentrix: A Leading Dental Software With A Strong Track Record

Dentrix is a powerful practice management software designed to help teams and practices maximize their efficiency and profitability. From improved password security to an easy-to-manage appointment book, Dentrix provides an array of features that make it the perfect solution for any practice.

Dentrix continues to expand its suite of products and services as a leader in the dental software market for years, with innovative tools like Dentrix Pay Payment Agreements, Month End and Task Scheduler, QuickBill, eClaims, Document Center, and more.

Dentrix also offers robust solutions to improve patient communication through questionnaires, postcards, and text messaging reminders. And with the improved security options (such as storing passwords and credit card information with multi-factor authentication), Dentrix makes it easy to keep your practice secure.

Whether you’re looking to improve patient check-ins, manage the payment process, or store and retrieve documents quickly and easily, Dentrix has the features and capabilities you need in a dental software system. Take advantage of Dentrix’s features and increase practice productivity while providing a better experience for your patients.


  • Patient Billing and Insurance Ledger

  • Communications Manager

  • Kiosk & Questionnaires

  • QuickBill & eClaims

  • Document Center

  • Treatment Planner

  • Security Options

  • Reporting & Analytics

  • Automation & Integration

  • Support/Training

Pricing: Quotes Available Via Consultation

3. Eaglesoft: A Top-Tier Dental Software For Practices

With over 25 years of experience in the dental industry, Eaglesoft Dental Practice Management Software is a powerful solution for dental practice management. It offers an easy-to-use platform with powerful features that instantly pull together your administration, clinical and business operations for an unmatched office management experience.

For dental practices looking to maximize their efficiency and profitability, Eaglesoft provides a variety of features that streamline practice management, including automated accounting, smart invoices, and family walkout, as well as scheduling features like IntelliCare reminders, Quick Fill and Family Appointment.

Additionally, Eaglesoft integrates with digital imaging software to streamline diagnosis and offers tools for tracking patient arrival, setting productivity goals, and enabling fast check-in. 

With its wide range of features, from scheduling and reminders to digital imaging integration, Eaglesoft provides the best-in-class dental office management experience. By leveraging this powerful software, dental practices can streamline operations for optimal results.


  • Automated Accounting & Financial Reports

  • Smart Invoices & Family Walkout

  • Scheduling Features (IntelliCare Reminders, Quick Fill, Family Appointment)

  • Digital Imaging Integration

  • Patient Arrival Tracking & Goal Setting

  • Fast Check-in/Check-out Processes

Pricing: Demo and consultation available online.

4. Open Dental: An Open-Source Solution That’s Budget-Friendly

OpenDental is a comprehensive, highly customizable dental practice management software solution for dental offices of any size. Its features include discount plans, electronic prescriptions, graphical tooth charts, built-in user queries, and more.

Plus, your dental office can take advantage of over 100 bridges to other programs and services, 20+ clearinghouses, 3rd party services and products, and much more from OpenDental’s massive library of options.

One of the interesting elements of OpenDental is its open-source GPL license which ensures the software is always up-to-date and futureproof. In addition, OpenDental also offers a range of services and products to boost efficiency in your dental office, such as the patient portal, web forms, secure email, eClipboard, integrated texting, automated messaging, web scheduling, and more.

For dental offices looking for an all-in-one solution that won’t break the bank, OpenDental is an ideal choice. Its comprehensive feature set brings together much of what a dental office requires for its day-to-day operations. But the price may be more accessible for smaller practices and even larger ones that require a bit more flexibility in their budget.


  • Smart Charting & Open Source GPL License

  • Electronic Prescriptions & Graphical Tooth Charts

  • Patient Portal, Web Forms, and Secure Email

  • eClipboard, Integrated Texting & Automated Messaging

  • Web Scheduling

Pricing: $179 per month per location for 12 months, $129 per month after the initial year

5. RevenueWell: A Marketing-Focused Dental Practice Software

Is your dental practice in need of a comprehensive patient communication and marketing platform? RevenueWell is the ideal solution. It’s an all-in-one package that includes automated communications, online scheduling, two-way texting, digital forms, postcards, and more.

The features focus on marketing and communication, so you don’t have to buy separate solutions for those needs. You can also extend the features with add-ons to reach the next level of efficiency and patient experience. 

While it may not offer the complete set of dental software tool features that other solutions have, those focused on reaching new and returning patients will find this one of the best options available.


  • Automated Appointment Reminders
  • SEO-focused Content Features
  • Reputation Management
  • Newsletter & Campaigns
  • Patient Portal
  • Social Media Management
  • Comprehensive Reports and Analytics

Pricing: With multiple products available, you can set up a demo with the solution online.

6. Yapi: An Automation-Focused Solution For Modern Practices


Yapi is a modern technology solution for medical practices that provides a high-tech experience for their patients and staff. With features like Online Scheduling, Paperless Forms, Automated Text Reminders, and Reputation Management, Yapi makes it easy to take your practice to the next level. 

Patients can quickly book appointments online, reducing in-office wait times with digital forms and sending convenient reminders via text and email. Meanwhile, staff can reduce the burden of manual scheduling and paperwork while increasing patient satisfaction through automation. 

Yapi is the perfect solution for modern practices looking for a high-tech experience for their patients and staff. And by focusing on two primary goals: increasing patient retention and attracting new patients, Yapi helps you grow your practice and build a strong reputation.


  • Online Scheduling
  • Paperless Forms
  • Automated Text Reminder
  • Reputation Management
  • Appointment Analytics
  • Customizable Website Builder
  • Social Media Integration.

Pricing: $299/month for the essentials package, $399 for the complete feature set

7. Weave: Feature-Packed Dental Software

Weave has been in the dental practice software market since 2008 and has built quite a few features that have been incredibly helpful for dental offices. The Missed Call Text feature is an excellent way to send automatic custom messages when you miss a call. The Digital Forms and Automatic Appointment Reminders make life easier for you and your patients.

Weave also has great Online Review Management tools for getting positive reviews, payment options for collecting payments, Online Scheduling capabilities to help keep your schedule full, and a Mobile App for managing everything from one place.


  • Missed Call Text
  • Digital Forms
  • Automatic Appointment Reminders
  • Automatic Appointment Confirmation
  • Automatic Recall Reminders
  • Online Review Management
  • Payments
  • Online Scheduling
  • Mobile App
  • Call Analytics

Pricing: Weave offers three tiers of software services, which can be seen by scheduling a demo.

8. Birdeye: A Patient-Communication Solution To Boost Your Reputation

With so much competition, dental practice reputation management can be challenging. But with Birdeye, you have an easy-to-use platform to manage your practice’s online reputation, collect more reviews, increase visibility in search results, and connect with patients.

Birdeye offers a complete set of features primarily focusing on reputation growth and patient communication. Capabilities like live chat, review request automation, and appointment scheduling solutions can help you convert website visitors into patients.

You can also use Birdeye Referrals to take advantage of modern-day word-of-mouth marketing – allowing your existing patients to refer friends and family with just a few clicks.

A unique feature that stands out is Birdeye Messaging – a text-based solution that allows your team to stay connected with patients. This feature can send appointment reminders, reschedule requests, and post-care instructions through text messages.


  • Get practice review more quickly
  • Connect with website visitors instantly
  • Appointment scheduling solutions
  • Birdeye Referrals for word-of-mouth marketing
  • Text message patient interaction feature 
  • Increase visibility in search results

Pricing: Birdeye offers an online pricing calculator to help you determine your estimated investment.

9. Dental Intel: Solutions For Every Inch Of Your Practice

The final addition to our list of dental software solutions for 2023 is Dental Intel – a robust package of insight and tools to help your team with every step of the process. Dental Intel’s solution helps practices track and optimize their performance before, during, and after the appointment.

Before the appointment, practices can take advantage of dental marketing tools, online scheduling, digital forms, patient portals, reminders, confirmations, two-way communication options with patients, and mass communications capabilities for reminders like morning huddle calls and patient finders.

The sheer number of features packed into the software’s suite of tools is a testament to how much Dental Intel can help streamline office efficiency. If you are searching for a solution that touches every part of the patient experience, check out Dental Intel.


  • Tools to optimize your day before the first patient sits arrives
  • Dental digital marketing tools and reporting
  • Online scheduling and digital forms
  • Patient portals, reminders, and confirmations
  • 2-way communication options with patients
  • Mass communications capabilities for reminders like morning huddle calls and patient finders
  • Virtual check-in features, treatment and payment plans, consent, and patient financing solutions

Pricing: You can request a demo of the full software online.


Find The Best Dental Solution For Your Practice

No matter what your practice needs from a robust dental software, this list has a perfect solution. From comprehensive feature sets to automation-focused solutions, you can find something that fits your budget and provides the features and benefits you need for your patients and staff.

Do some research, compare the prices and features, and you’ll soon find the perfect dental software solution for your practice. At Outbound Practice, we are committed to helping practices discover the best solutions for their needs, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any help choosing the right dental software. 

With the right tools, your dental practice can increase revenue, save time and provide an exceptional patient experience.

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